SAPS has been a lifeline for me, always there for care and guidance. It has helped me to cope in very dark times' 

Victoria Ann

'When I first started coming to SAPS I was a physical and emotional wreck! Because of the support I had I am now able to help and support others in similar situations' 


'SAPS helped me to realise how many people have to support family members with drug and alcohol problems/ Before SAPS I felt alone and in need of support. It was great not only to meet great friends but to know that we all care about each other. Also to know that others have similar problems to our own and can trust each other to talk confidentiality.


'SAPS saved my sanity when my life was manic. 8 years on and they make my life happier and more bareable'


'Out of the darkness came light. I have been helped by sharing with other carers from SAPS the support is fantastic to my family, day or night SAPS are there for us' 


'I was really at a very low ebb in my life until youth offending refered me to SAPS. They made me realise that I was not alone and I felt good about myself. Long may it continue'


'SAPS has helped me through my darkest moments. There is always someone there when you need them'.


'SAPS saved my sanity with their understanding and compassion and kindness to help me with my situation'

Here at SAPS we are always keen to hear what carers think of our service and how we can improve. Here are some snippets of what carers had to say....